The Facts on LRT

Get the Facts on LRT

We have no idea what the total cost of the LRT project will be. However, if the cost of other LRT’s built in North America is any indication, you can expect the total cost to be nearly 40 percent higher than the $818 million budgeted by the region.

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Local career politicians have become part of the problem not the solution, that’s why it’s time for change. By working together we can overcome the advantage career politicians enjoy on election-day. Visit and help take back Regional Council on October 27th.

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  1. Tom says:

    Other than the obvious who else is in the running for the October 27 elections is against the LRT?

  2. D M says:

    With all the development of new housing bringing more people to our area. Money would be better spent on go transit. Traffic on the 401 is a nightmare.

  3. Doug Teschke says:

    When I first moved to Kitchener they had trolleys (buses connected to overhead wires) that proved problematic for various reasons. Now we want a system that cannot deviate it’s route to avoid issues on the streets because it has to follow a rail line. Rubber tired buses are the better way to go and would be a lot cheaper.(but what does the long term taxpayer know?)

  4. Andrei says:

    karl Z going to pension, I would like to know how many he will pay from his pension in case LRT fiasco. Or we have to pay for this stupid ideas.
    A lot of bureaucrats from Kitchener,Waterloo and region where involved in this decision. May be they will pay for it and only after that we will pay our taxes?

  5. John Hodgson says:

    We will probably have completely automatic busses, viz. Google and other automatic cars already licensed in US jurisdictions, within ten years, without a driver, with full remote video monitoring and control as necessary. Those busses will service not only a narrow corridor like King Street more effectively, but will service the full breadth (suburbs) of the cities. The flexibility and cost reduction will be amazing. LRT is a fifty-year-old technology that is very shortly about to be eclipsed by newer technologies. I could see the LRT infrastructure being entirely ripped out in 10 to 15 years, in order to make way for automatic vehicles, again at a significant cost, albeit a fraction of the billion-plus to install it originally.

    • Jordan Menard says:

      Your entire ideology is moot. Bombardier manufactures a Flexity Light Rail Vehicle that designed for entirely driverless operation. They currently operate on the Docklands Light Railway in the United Kingdom.The Flexity Freedom LRV that will be used on Ion can also be retrofitted for driverless operation should we persue this avenue.